Designer's desk

In K.G.H we believe that the design studio is the beating heart of the company and consists of talented designers to reach desirable and innovative jewelry.
The company design focused in by pearl jewelry and taken inspiration from underwater worlds, ornaments, and other styles that can help and beautify the pearl as a central jewel.
Since the studio is an internal department at K.G.H the ability to maximize the design at all stages of development provides high technical skills and making a spectacular final product.
The design itself begins with a hand sketch inspired from our research boards, after its first approval it is than designed in CAD program where technical and structural improvement to meet all the criteria of the design department.
At this stage we produce high quality renders to check the final result to be, tuning the product lightly if needed before its physical stage of master model.
The products are being printed in 3D-printer, casted and go to our master jeweler craftsman to be given the perfect look equivalent to the provisions of the designer.
As a company with that believes in the highest of standards, the final model goes further evaluation and inspection by the designer with sales managers to ensure that the finished product is a jewel intended for KGH clients.
Thank you,

Ori Herzog
Chief Designer

Our Obligation
K.G.H is obligated
to the highest ethical standers
Designer's desk
All of our products are designed In House
Tailor made or following our insparation 
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